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Super Fast & Heavy-Duty

Pocket Pump is a super fast, battery operated, heavy-duty liquid transfer pump. Use it for jobs that require the transfer of liquids such as gas, diesel, kerosone, chemical products, water and more!


All-purpose pump is for all your needs. Our battery-operated liquid transfer pump can be used to siphon gas, water, and other liquids—quickly and safely. Transfers gas from can to auto or boat, empties aquarium, backed-up sinks, washtubs, more. Battery powered liquid transfer pump is plastic, stainless steel, metal, and features on/off switch.

Perfect for jobs that require the transfer of liquids, like transfer gas in your snowmobile, ATV or boat. Also used to empty containers of chemicals or simply transfer water.

Portable Convenience, Compact & More...

Battery-operated, cordless and portable convenience.

Compact and lighweight for easy storage.

No more back pains and mess.

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(506) 477-9799 or (506) 473-4803

Available in most Canadian Tire stores
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